972 Breakdowns Motorcycle adventure

Johannes, Elisabeth, Efy, Anne, and Kaupo just finished their art studies and want to see the world, experience foreign cultures, and gather new impressions.

They set off for New York on four classic Ural sidecar motorcycles. From Halle (Germany), they travel through Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia to Russia’s far north. From there they cross the Bering Strait to the American continent. Along the way, they are interrupted by countless breakdowns of their old and unreliable machines.

On the way to the Bering Strait
Ural Megafloat on the Kolyma River
Campsite without campfire on the treeless Mongolian plateau
Arrival at the Arctic Ocean
Crankshafts - Drama No 7
Half a bridge over the Arkagala River
Evacuated by the big Ural truck

Film Facts

Length: 37 min (EOFT edit)
Direction: Daniel von Rüdiger
With: Johannes Fötsch, Kaupo Holmberg, Anne Knödler, Elisabeth Oertel, Efy Zeniou
Production: Germany, 2020

EOFT TALK about the film

With Anne Knödler, Elisabeth Oertel and Johannes Fötsch